Center Parcs Business Solutions becomes Center Parcs Meetings & Events

Center Parcs is changing the name of its business branch. With the name change to ‘Center Parcs Meetings & Events’, it confirms the investments made in recent years in its business centers and the business product. In addition, the name change helps to give business customers a clearer picture of the possibilities that Center Parcs offers in the business field. With a renewed range of almost all accommodation options, organizing meetings and events in the parks of Center Parcs is becoming increasingly attractive for a broad business target group.
True transformation of the parks offer new possibilities
In recent years, Center Parcs invested 740 million euros in its parks, which means that the parks have undergone a true transformation. In May 2021, the new strategic plan “Reinvention 2025” was also presented. This includes not only the renewal of existing parks, but also an expansion of the range of experiences, with even more sustainable initiatives and local projects. These innovations are illustrated by the new brand positioning, combined with a brand new visual identity, which were introduced on January 4.

The brand positioning not only focuses on the core business of the organization, but also in the approach towards the business guest. “As an organization, we want too specifically invite this target group to reacquaint themselves with our unique business offer under the title of Center Parcs Meetings & Events,” says Axel Waelbers, Country Sales Manager of Center Parcs and Sunparks in Belgium. Together with his Dutch colleague Eelco van Schellebeek, Country Sales Manager and responsible for the Dutch market, Waelbers looks forward with confidence: “In recent years, a lot of time and money has been invested in what everyone knows about Center Parcs; the nature, the accommodations, the restaurants, the Aqua Mundo and the leisure activities, but also in the business facilities, such as the business centers. With the completion of these locations just before or during the COVID19 period, it was difficult to bring this to the attention of our business guests. Now we see the demand for sustainable meeting and the desire for unique experiences with colleagues and relations increasing. Center Parcs Meetings & Events responds to these needs today and tomorrow”, says van Schellebeek.

Center Parcs Business Solutions becomes Center Parcs Meetings & Events
The new positioning also includes a new name and Waelbers and van Schellebeek are happy with this name change. A name that they already had on their business card, until it was decided in 2009 to change the name to Center Parcs Business Solutions. Waelbers: “Our department meets almost every need from the (business) market that is not met as standard within the regular processes of our organization. You can think of meetings, team building activities, gift vouchers as a promotional gift, temporary living space for expats or work projects, exclusive park buy-out for a unique corporate event and B2C partnership events. You can actually think of it as crazy as we offer a solution. The term Business Solutions therefore certainly covered the load, but it remained a container concept. With the name change to the more expressive name: Center Parcs Meetings & Events, we want to address the business market even more clearly.
The best-kept secret
Many Belgians and Dutch people are familiar with Center Parcs and have used the facilities in various phases of life. Waelbers: “Our goal is to familiarize all our regular guests with the unique business offer. Many of the guests also work for a company that may be interested in our business offer. A part that we jokingly call ‘the best kept secret’ of the organization. As a team, we are happy to change that. Van Schellebeek: “We have set up a number of parks in each country in such a way that we can create an unforgettable experience with a team of specialists in consultation with our clients through both the park offer and local partners. Waelbers adds: “Take, for example, the renewed Center Parcs Park De Haan on the Belgian coast. This means that we not only offer our Belgian compatriots a perfect base for a meeting or an incentive, but also for our northern neighbors the park, in combination with the coast and Bruges, is the ideal place for a stay with colleagues and/or family”.


The objective of the entire Meetings & Events team is to surprise guests with the unique business offer in the coming years. The focus of the team is on parks such as Park De Haan (BE), De Vossemeren (BE) and Les Ardennes (BE) as well as Park Zandvoort (NL), De Eemhof (NL) and Limburgse Peel (NL). Any park
has its own specialists who are ready to explain the USPs of its park to business guests. Of course, the other 21 parks can also be used.
About Center Parcs
Center Parcs Europe – Europe’s largest holiday provider – is part of Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs Group. For more than 50 years, Center Parcs has been an expert in the field of holidays in nature, throughout the year. As the founder of short holidays close to home, Center Parcs has set a new standard in the recreation sector, but also wants to continue to surprise its guests in the future. There are now 28 parks in Europe. It does this by continuing to innovate and also setting new standards in the coming years: in experience, accommodation and real time together. Center Parcs is characterized and distinguished by countless activities for every family member, in the middle of nature.

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