Goodbye SITE The Netherlands, hello CLC-Vecta (photos)

A last gathering of the Dutch chapter of SITE and the curtains closed. The Dutch chapter is no more. And then a window of opportunity opened immediately at the yearly SITE BBQ at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, as the members are now joining the larger trade Association CLC-Vecta.

In a convivial mood with former chair people, old and present members and representatives of CLC-Vecta came together to say goodbye and hello at the same time. The mutual agreement this was a logical step towards further professionalism for all members involved. The last chairman, Roger Schreurs, was kind enough to give a special thankful shout out to all that made SITE tick over the decades and was thanked himself.

One if the first orders of action is a roadshow this fall where CLC-Vecta will further introduce itself across the Netherlands to existing and potential members. We will write more about that later.

Raymon Honings, now previous SITE board member will join the board of CLC-VECTA. In addition to the agreement that members of SITE Netherlands will become full members of CLC-VECTA as of this summer.

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