Brussels works on free travel ticket for summer

Brussels aims to introduce some sort of European “Corona travel card” before June. This is to save the summer vacations for the tourism industry anyway. This was stated by European Commissioner Thierry Breton in French media. It will be valid in all countries of the European Union. Equipped with a free QR code, it will be in the language of each country and translated into English, and it will be “valid in all countries of the European Union,” he explained. Further details other than those stated here are not yet known.

This “green passport” will contain information “showing that a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19, or has been cured of it, or that the person has received a negative result in the test,” the European Commissioner indicates.

European authorities are aiming for the commissioning of a health certificate, the “green passport,” to facilitate travel within the EU before the summer vacations announced Breton during the “Grand Rendezvous” Europe 1-CNEWS-Les Echos.

‘It will be in electronic or paper form,’ to respect those who ‘don’t want to have this on their smartphones…and that’s their right,’ he said. ‘We’re working to have it ready by June,’ said Thierry Breton, who said it was ‘essential that we do everything we can to preserve the tourist season.

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Tijn Kramer