End of traditional keycard and information folder in hotels

The Guestkey web application, developed pre-corona by Hotek Security B.V., is now being rolled out at an accelerated pace to give hotels the ability to communicate with guests securely and hygienically.

Guestkey, in addition to being an online hotel directory, is also – and the name says it all – the literal key on the guest’s phone to opening doors in the hotel. Friday, May 8, is the launch at Golden Tulip Ampt van Nijkerk.

Hotels will also have to comply with the 1.5 meter measures. Think stickers for not getting too close to the front desk, a cough screen between guest and receptionist, arrows on the floor for walking directions, separate issue tables in the restaurant and disinfection pumps everywhere. The often unhygienic keycards and hotel folders will also be replaced by the online alternative Guestkey.

The web application Guestkey kills several birds with one stone: the hotelier is in better contact with his guest. Think of all the negativity surrounding platforms like Booking.com, the hotelier can once again take control of the guest journey. And in addition, the hotel complies with all RIVM guidelines, the guest feels safe in the post-corona era. We have become big with our classic hotel locks with a keycard, but Corona is accelerating into a new era and with Guestkey we think we have found the solution,’ said Dolf Mulder, founder of Hotek Security B.V.

Golden Tulip Ampt van Nijkerk in Nijkerk is the leader in this respect. There, Hotek equipped all 123 hotel doors with the Guestkey. From opening your own hotel door, or pool door to calling room service, everything will be possible from Friday, May 8, using your own cell phone and without downloading an app.

More information can be found at http://www.guestkey.nl/ or https://www.hotek.nl/

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