End of valet parking at Schiphol

Schiphol, military police and municipality will ban ‘Valet Parking’ at Schiphol as of January 1. There are a good twenty companies active that take over and park the customer’s car for a fee, in order to have it ready and waiting at the departure hall upon their return. Those involved speak of increasing nuisance and sprawl. The parking companies are furious.

The Telegraph reports. According to the general local ordinance of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the services are not allowed. ‘The unbridled growth of these providers is creating more and more chaos around the airport. That is irresponsible. We prohibit not only valet parking, but all services on those public roads. Even a flower stall, for example, can be punishable,’ says the municipality that has Schiphol under its care.

The parking companies especially see unfair competition. “It is a one-two punch to eliminate us. We don’t put up with that. A collective is in the process of being formed to counter. We would like to talk to the airport, but they have so far refused. If necessary, we will go to court,” stated Karim Boukhidous of VIP Parking at Schiphol Rijk. Schiphol refers to the municipality for dialogue.

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Tijn Kramer