Jaarbeurs shows new face

Jaarbeurs shows its new face with new logo, new slogan and new brand story ‘Jaarbeurs presents its new brand story and identity that further underscores the importance of sincere attention in the role it plays in connecting people, brands and markets. The impact of encounters is that they grab attention, hold it, and accelerate business. Jaarbeurs expresses this in a payoff that clearly shows the ambition: Attract – Engage – Accelerate.’

Full of confidence
The new corporate branding outlines the confidence with which Jaarbeurs looks to the future of both live meetings and its own role as facilitator and organizer of exhibitions, events, conferences and meetings. Jaarbeurs believes in the power of connection and will use data and digital transformation to make innovations that will extract even more value from meetings. The new corporate identity gives Jaarbeurs the opportunity to make everything that happens at Jaarbeurs throughout the year more recognizable and to emphasize the strong connection between its various activities to the outside world as well.

Inextricably Utrecht
Several elements of the new corporate identity are more than a nod to Utrecht and indicate the good relationship with the municipality and the region. The link with Utrecht was further emphasized by Albert Arp, CEO of Jaarbeurs, who together with Jan van Zanen, Mayor of Utrecht, unveiled the logo during last week’s employee meeting at Jaarbeurs: “with the Jaarbeurs brand we like to build together with the municipality an even stronger position for Utrecht”. It can hardly be a coincidence that at this very moment Jaarbeurs is working hard with Utrecht to bring the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 to the city.

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Tijn Kramer