Orient Express to the Netherlands every year

The famous Orient Express train is in Holland for the third time in its history. Tonight this legendary train will depart with passengers for the journey from Amsterdam to Venice. From now on, enthusiasts won’t have to wait years for a luxury train ride from the Netherlands. The intention is for the train to make one trip from Amsterdam starting every year, and preferably three at a time yearly even, it was announced during a press visit to the train in Haarlem.

Amsterdam is not the only “new” starting point. The new boarding points on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express routes are Rome, Florence, Geneva and Brussels. Guests can now choose from several new itineraries and, in addition, have the option of staying overnight at Belmond Villa San Michele or Belmond Castello di Casole en route from Florence to Paris.

Gary Franklin, Vice President Trains & Cruises, says, “Coming up with new routes and destinations for our trains is one of our passions. When the train couldn’t run in 2020, we came up with some exciting new destinations and routes that give travelers more opportunities to explore Europe. This can be done during a long weekend, for example, or as part of a longer tour of Europe. With these new routes, we are looking back at the legendary history of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.’

The visit also provided an opportunity to learn about the three new Grand Suites. The new suites are named after the cities on which the design is based: Vienna, Budapest and Prague. All three are in the oldest trainset, built in 1926. The legendary train consists of 17 original coaches from the 1920s and 1930s, each with its own unique history.

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