Riga positions itself as #Phygital Events Hotspot in Northern Europe

With impeccable super fast internet, access to the latest technology and multilingual staff well versed in setting up cutting edge solutions, Riga is the ideal place to bring # Phygital events to life. Tech comes naturally to the local population. Giraffe Visual, MikroTik and Infogram are just a few Latvian success stories. Conferences like TechChill, the LATO Riga Conference and 5G Techritory have been playing with #Phygital for years and know that the format works.

In the words of Neils Kalnins, the Director of 5G Techritory “ #Phygital events are a new kind of virtual experience that requires close collaboration between professionals from different fields. To ensure a fully immersive experience for event attendees, it is important to involve technology professionals, designers, producers, content creators and experts who know the user experience. The experience of organizing the 5G “Techritory” forum has proven that Riga is a great place to assemble such a team of professionals. ”

Riga is a convenient and affordable choice

Within minutes of leaving the airport, your group can be sipping cocktails overlooking the rooftops of the medieval Old Town, cruising at sunset on the Daugava River, or having a conversation in the largest convention center in the Baltics. With direct flights from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Helsinki and many other hubs, Riga is an accessible choice in Northern Europe and a convenient bridge between East and West. Food, accommodation and entertainment are available at pleasantly affordable prices.

Internet access is a given and never involves additional costs. Local DMCs and PCOs will help with ideas to creatively connect and experience Riga both virtually and in real life. They take care of the technology, so you can concentrate on networking and the content of the event.

Latvia’s public and private sectors are on the same page

In the spring of 2020, the Riga Tourism Development Bureau (RTDB) organized an urban tourism hackathon. The participants proved that the creativity and dexterity of Latvians knows no bounds. Within days, the winning teams had “jumped” from idea to finished product, such as the wandeRiga interactive mobile city guide. If you have an idea, local suppliers will find a way to make it happen.

In the spirit of cooperation, RTDB, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and the Latvia Convention Bureau joined forces to develop a national conference ambassador program. In true 2020 fashion, the launch event was #Phygital. The meetings and events industry is stronger than ever and interested in helping others embrace the potential of #Phygital events.

MEET RĪGA is here to help

Start the conversation today! With MeetRiga.com you can browse and get an impression of the hotels, venues and suppliers in Riga. Once you know your requirements, submit an online RFP and receive a free, no-obligation proposal by email. We would love to hear from you about your # Phygital conference, meeting or seminar in Riga.

To participate in the 5G Techritory event, please register: https://www.5gtechritory.com/registration

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