Why you should organize your event in Crete?

Crete we all know as a vacation destination. But did you know that Crete is also an excellent choice as an event venue? Crete lies at the southeastern tip of Europe and is strategically located at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. These three countries are a short and equal distance from the island. Its geographical location ensures that participants can easily reach the island. And then you have the benefits of island life! A Mediterranean climate, a beautiful coastline where one can enjoy a nice breeze after an event, excellent gastronomy and impressive nature.

Equipped with all facilities

Crete is thus a popular destination for MICE because of its Mediterranean climate and accessibility, but also because of the congress and conference facilities of a large number of hotels. Each year, Crete hosts hundreds of high-quality conferences and seminars with participants from all over the world. Congresses and conferences are usually held in luxurious hotels or large centers. These venues have good infrastructure and are equipped with all the facilities that guarantee an excellent event.

Warm welcome

For example, most venues offer modern audio-visual equipment and well-working internet, very nice on an island! The staff is specially trained to welcome guests in a Cretan manner. So a warm welcome! And master the abilities to take on and solve problems that arise.


Guests who come to Greece on business can enjoy fine temperatures and the many opportunities for relaxation, entertainment, nature and gastronomy all year round. How about enjoying a thalassotherapy or relaxing by the sea? Or rent a car for a short road trip along the beautiful countryside. Along the way, you can stop at Samaria National Park for a beautiful hike and stop at archaeological sites, palm groves or cozy bars along the beach. And speaking of cuisine. Did you know that Crete is the culinary ”main island” of Greece? And also has a particularly hospitable population? The famous Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis described Crete as a mysterious island, where when you set foot ashore you immediately get a warm feeling, an island that will make your soul grow.

If you can give your guests this feeling then you will have a very successful event! So why not Crete for your next event?

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