IDEA installs shadow board of event talents

Trade association IDEA finds the ideas of event talents crucial to the profession of
to further develop live communication. With ‘Jong IDEA’ (Young IDEA), it starts a strong and structural
connection with the new generation of experience professionals.

‘Jong IDEA’ consists of 6 students from various event courses. Their vision of the live communication profession
emerged during the IDEA Talent Scout 2021, an annual competition where event talents submit their ideas
pitch to experienced professionals.

“Developments in our industry are moving at lightning speed,” says IDEA director
Martin Schram. “We live in an era of digital acceleration. The digital world has a lot to offer and
that only gets more. The young generation senses this very clearly. With Young IDEA it gets
IDEA board a sounding board to challenge ideas.”

The world is changing
Begüm Saker – winner of the IDEA Talent Scout 2021 – is one of the Young IDEA members. “The world is changing,
the culture within companies is changing”, says the 20-year-old Event Management student at the Hogeschool
Utrecht. “That is partly the result of the young generation bringing new knowledge and other things
considers important. This new energy offers plenty of opportunities. I hope to give IDEA a better understanding of how my generation experiences the changed world.”

IDEA board member Patricia Vergeer – once winner of the IDEA Talent Scout – hopes that Jong IDEA will
challenges existing board with fresh and creative ideas. “As an industry, we have the open-minded and sharp
view of event talents absolutely necessary. It is precisely the professionals of the future who focus on the further
development of our profession.”

Top talent
Finding and retaining top talent is a spearhead for IDEA agencies. “Scarcity is a big one
challenge for now and the near future”, says IDEA director Maarten Schram. “A strong and structural
connection with the new generation is therefore crucial. I am convinced that Jong IDEA has a
will make a valuable contribution.”

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Tijn Kramer