Inter Scaldes to join Pillows

Three-star restaurant Inter Scaldes and the luxury associated boutique hotel have been part of Pillows Hotels since January 1. Chef Jannis Brevet, together with his partner Claudia, will remain at the helm of the Michelin restaurant for the time being and will also fulfill an advisory role within the restaurants of Pillows Hotels. Restaurant VanOost is the first restaurant where Brevet will share his knowledge and skills with the chefs. In the autumn he will hand over InterScaldes to Jeroen Achtien and his partner Sanne, known from two-star restaurant Sens Restaurant in Vitznau, Switzerland.

Chef Jannis Brevet trains new guard
Loes Dingemans, CEO of Pillows Hotels, is pleased with the collaboration with Brevet: “Training young talent and letting them flourish is in the Pillows DNA. So far, we have achieved great achievements with our restaurants and chefs. For example, we have received honorable mentions from Michelin and GaultMillau in the past five years. With the knowledge and skills of Jannis Brevet, we have the opportunity to take our restaurants to an even higher level.”
For chef Jannis Brevet – after building up an impressive resume – it is a new step in his career that he takes with full conviction, says Jannis Brevet: “The Pillows Collection and its restaurants are just as ambitious as I am. Pillows Hotels has been able to attract unique talent over the past five years,’ says Brevet. “After years of working in the kitchen myself, I think this is a great step to share my knowledge, experience and love for the profession with new talent.”

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