Meet in Friesland:’workations’ to promote job satisfaction

Employees are more than ever looking for a good balance between work and private life. Something that is closely linked to job satisfaction and the working environment. Meet in Friesland, the business tourism agency of the province of Friesland, sees that this is one of the reasons why companies and employers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of ‘workations’ and remote working. The organization encourages employers to invest in these new working methods in the new year to promote employees’ job satisfaction. If possible, around the waters and nature of Friesland, the positive effects of which have already been demonstrated.

Not only employees reap the benefits of greater job satisfaction, but also the company where they work. For example, research (Van der Meulen, Peper & Wolff, 2016) previously showed that this leads to less absenteeism and stress, and has a positive effect on employee satisfaction, productivity and enjoyment. Other working methods, where there is more room for a good work-life balance, are therefore increasingly embraced.
Remote work-life balance
A workation offers employees the opportunity to escape the daily grind, an important factor in job satisfaction. Furthermore, a change of environment leads to more creativity, inspiration and motivation, and adapting working hours to personal needs enables a better work-life balance. Therapist and organizational coach Jeroen Stek emphasizes: “Whether the workation is in a group or takes place individually; a change in working environment not only has a positive influence on the employee himself. When an entire team or entire organization goes out together and you see each other in a different setting, you will see that it strengthens mutual relationships. A ‘we-feeling’ is created and it contributes to team spirit, which ultimately also promotes individual job satisfaction.”

Effect of nature and space
Previous studies have already shown the positive effects of staying in nature and near water. Recent research by Panelwizard on behalf of Visit Friesland, of which Meet in Friesland is part, confirms this again: almost 9 in 10 Dutch people indicate that they experience (very) a lot of peace in nature, 77 percent experience this near the water. A majority of people associate a stay in Friesland with peace and quiet (57 percent). With these figures, it is not difficult to imagine that the northern province is a suitable destination to come and work for a while.
Meetings in nature
Business tourism agency Meet in Friesland would like to contribute to the job satisfaction and vitality of employees by offering them a stimulating environment that combines work and relaxation. Yvonne Hulleman from Meet in Friesland, explains: “We see and hear how the ‘workations’ and remote working trips that we organize not only improve the well-being of employees, but also increase involvement and satisfaction in the workplace.” The organization offers various options to develop tailor-made team trips for companies and their employees. Whether it concerns team building on the water, discovering Frisian culture, or inspiring meetings in breathtaking surroundings. “Friesland has something for everyone.”
About Meet in Friesland
Meet in Friesland is one of the brands of the destination management organization Merk Fryslân of the province of Friesland, which focuses specifically on business tourism. The organization wants to create a positive impact through marketing and communication and thereby contribute to the high quality of life that Frisians experience every day. The Visit Friesland team consists of passionate professionals who are committed to Friesland every day

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