SITE Netherlands stops and merges with CLC-VECTA

Remarkable and exciting news in the Dutch mice-trade. As of this summer, the CLC-VECTA network will expand further with the addition of the members of SITE Netherlands. The merger of the associations is a logical next step to the good cooperation between the associations in recent years. SITE The Netherlands chapter will cease to exist.

“In recent years, SITE and CLC-VECTA have sought cooperation on various topics relevant to the incentive industry. For example, we have jointly developed collective conditions, we share knowledge in the field of the Package Travel Directive and the travel agency scheme and we have joined forces in the lobby around these topics and during the corona crisis,” said Bart van der Heijden, chairman of CLC-VECTA. “We are pleased that SITE is now taking the step to fully join CLC-VECTA.”

Roger Schreurs, who has held the helm of SITE Nederland for the past 8 years: “CLC-VECTA is a strong association with a large network, a strong representation in The Hague, a great deal of knowledge of the broad corporate event industry, a fully-fledged legal counter and good collective schemes, for example for incentive insurance. As a full member of CLC-VECTA, the members of SITE Netherlands will benefit enormously from this.”

During the General Members’ Meeting of CLC-VECTA at the end of May, the members of CLC-VECTA were informed about the plans and the board members of SITE Netherlands were able to get acquainted with the working method, the member network and the ambitions and plans of CLC-VECTA. Subsequently, the boards of both associations coordinated the further frameworks. Part of those agreements is the accession of Raymon Honings, owner of Travelmediate and currently board member at SITE Nederland, to the CLC-VECTA board. In addition to the agreement that members of SITE Netherlands will become full members of CLC-VECTA as of this summer. The kick-off will take place on 31 August in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin during the traditional barbecue for SITE members.

“A great moment for SITE members to look back, but certainly also to get acquainted with CLC-VECTA in an informal setting and to look ahead”, Roger concludes.

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Tijn Kramer