Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing show in MECC from 2023

The Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing show is to be held at MECC Maastricht from 2023, so was told at IBTM in Barcelona. This show helps transition to cleaner production at global level for heavy-industry leaders in the aluminium, glass, steel, cement and chemicals sectors.

On 25 and 26 April 2023, industry leaders from Europe will gather at MECC Maastricht for the Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) Europe trade fair to work together on a cleaner future. Organised by Quartz Business Media, this event brings together market leaders from hard-to-abate industries to help them in their path to reach their Net Zero goals and sustainability commitments. SIM is a series of regional events and conferences that support and guide the transition to cleaner production on a global level.

The impact of heavy industry

Heavy industry accounts for 30% of CO2 emissions. An industry transition to net 0% is vital to limiting global warming to a 2°C increase by 2050. The European Green Deal is the European Union’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and policymakers want industry to ‘pave the way’ with a transition to net zero emissions for a cleaner, healthier future.
‘Time is running out and it is high time for heavy industry to take action against an “irreversible” climate crisis. Maastricht is the oldest industrial city in the Netherlands, located within walking distance of Belgium and cycling distance of Germany. We are delighted to be able to organise the next SIM Europe in Maastricht,’ according to José Sebastião, Event Director SIM.

‘We are proud to host SIM Europe, an event that is actively committed to improving sustainability in major manufacturing sectors,’ says Frank Mimpen, MECC Maastricht Commercial Director.

Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM)
Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing offers innovative frontrunners in cleaner industrial manufacturing the opportunity to present sustainable solutions to business leaders from ve hard-to-reduce sectors (glass, steel, aluminium, cement and chemicals). SIM has an audience of 85,000 production professionals around the world who bring their clients together in a different city each year.

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