Utrecht again brings Incentive Fund Knowledge Events

The Province of Utrecht will again make the ‘Stimuleringsfonds Kennisevenementen’ (Incentive Fund Knowledge Events) available. ‘The Utrecht region is a globally competitive destination in the heart of the Netherlands and the ultimate European hotspot for healthy urban living. Pioneers in the field of health care, biosciences, digital media, and sustainability have made the region an innovation hotspot. The best academic institutions in the country work together with forward-thinking companies to deliver a uniquely skilled workforce. Knowledge events are an important part of this. ‘

 With the Incentive Fund Knowledge Events, the Province of Utrecht invests in the acquisition of multi-day national and international scientific conferences that reflect on a healthy city and region for everyone. The corresponding topics are healthy, green and smart. The grant is intended for non-profit organisations, national or international scientific institutions/associations or an authorised representative thereof.

The grant can be applied for up until 1 January 2026 and will be awarded if certain conditions are met. Namely:

  • It is a new knowledge event (on the themes of green, healthy and/or smart) in the province of Utrecht;
  • The event will last at least one half-day and will be attended by at least 50 persons;
  • and, in the event it is an international knowledge event, at least 50% of the participants are from abroad.

For both national and international knowledge events, the grant awarded will not exceed the total costs eligible for a grant. The costs eligible for a grant are all allocable costs of the knowledge event in question, such as costs of the organisation, location, catering and marketing. Furthermore:

  • The grant for a national knowledge event is no more than €7.50 per participant per day, to a maximum of €7,500.
  • The grant for an international knowledge event is no more than €10 per participant per day, to a maximum of €15,000.

If you would like to know more about the Incentive Fund Knowledge Events and the possibilities, the Utrecht Convention Bureau will be glad to help.

Monique André de la Porte

T: +31 (0)30 236 30 35

E: m.andredelaporte@utrechtmarketing.nl


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