AirPlus and Uber make business travel easier

Corporate Payment specialist AirPlus International is pleased to announce that the AirPlus Company Account is now also accepted by Uber. For example, anyone who, as a business traveler, wants to go to and from the airport or the train station, opts for an easy and fast alternative to other means of transport with Uber for Business. The customer orders the ride via the app, payment and settlement take place in the background with AirPlus. The same goes for other Uber for Business offerings, such as the ability to order food or commission other deliveries.


For companies, time-consuming settlements with physical receipts are no longer necessary. Instead, they get an accurate overview of the expenses including the integration into the accounting systems. Employees no longer have to advance the costs and have them reimbursed afterwards via a travel expense claim. Instead, payment and settlement are made with the AirPlus Company Account already stored in the system, making settlement just like the entire booking process: simple and effortless. In addition, the central payment ensures that journeys comply with the travel expenses scheme. Companies have full control over their costs, including detailed evaluation options.


Oliver Wagner, CEO of AirPlus International, is looking forward to the new collaboration: “With the AirPlus Company Account as a central payment account, companies can already pay for air and train travel, rental cars and hotel bookings. With the integration into the Uber Wallet, companies now also benefit from the bundled billing and evaluation when booking Uber rides and other Uber offers. We are very happy to be able to offer our customers Uber for Business. From now on, business travelers can easily request their rides via the Uber app, while payment is processed centrally and automatically via the AirPlus Company Account.”


Susan Anderson, Global Head of Uber for Business, comments: “Business travel has been a cumbersome process that required several steps on different platforms until now. What I love about the partnership between Uber for Business and AirPlus is the seamless experience for both the business traveler and the travel manager or the HR manager behind the scenes. From booking and payment to setting the comparison


We enable companies to quickly and efficiently simplify travel logistics management for the entire organization, which is a major advantage considering how complicated travel can be and how much administration is often required.”


Uber for Business with AirPlus as payment method will be available worldwide, in all markets where the Uber app is available and where AirPlus is active. The partnership will start in the US and the Eurozone, then in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Then the other markets follow.



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Tijn Kramer