Barentzen new name for Dutch Reisspecialisten Groep

De Reisspecialisten Groep (The Travel Specialists Group) will continue under a new name: Barentzen. The company announced this today. Barentszen is an alliance of eight brands specialized in organizing travel, incentives, conferences, events and programs. The brand name includes GI Travel and Holland Destination Management, Artifex, HDM Sports, Marathon International and Congress Creation. Travelk icon Rene Klawer is founder of the group.

“We know the name Willem Barentsz as a Dutch seafarer and explorer. As a merchant and scientist, he led several expeditions. Behind his name are the attempts to reach the Far East and Asia via Nova Zemlya from the northeast side. He led the expeditions, but what many don’t know is that he didn’t go alone. Jan Huygen van Linschoten, Cornelis Nay and Jacob van Heemskerk, among others, traveled with him. They were responsible for the changing strategies’, that is how the choice was explained.

That connection has been the reason for the name change for all brands. “At Barentszen, each brand has its own strength. Together, our brands offer an infinite world of possibilities for special experiences. Our 40 employees all share a passion for the profession and telling stories. We are ready to provide you with a unique customized experience. The website is also completely new. The company has offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


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Tijn Kramer