Fam trip review: the best of Bratislava

Meeting planners converged in Bratislava for a three-day fam trip

The fam trip showcased Bratislava’s best – from cuisine to meeting venues

The Slovakian capital recently organised an eye-opening familiarisation trip for eleven international meeting planners, hailing from the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic. Attendees explored the rich offer of the Central-European outpost, tasted local gastronomy and learned about the city’s reinvigorated meeting venues.

On the first day, participants of the fam trip convened in Hotel Sheraton, where they learned all about the destination and its compelling offer for business events.

Bratislava is home to an array of inspiring meeting venues, ranging from former industrial plants to state-of-the-art galleries and iconic venues such as the UFO Restaurant. The participants first discovered Jurkovic Heating Plant, the heart of the city’s emerging downtown. Here, the meeting rooms include fully equipped and representative space for brainstorming, teleconferences or business meetings. They also visited DOT Gallery Event Space and Restaurant WERK, where they could indulge in superb cuisine.

Experiencing the cultural and art side of Bratislava

Danubiana Gallery is among the most iconic venues in Slovakia. Here, attendees could delve into the fascinating world of modern and contemporary art housed in the museum. The gallery is located on a peninsula surrounded by nature and the river Danube. Speedboats on the Danube brought a dose of adrenaline to the attendees. The Divoka Voda rafting area is a testament to the love for wild water rafting. Here, attendees could see the city’s sports character. On the second day, the fam trip continued with site visits to famous meeting venues, including Cafe Devin at Hotel Devin and the iconic Nedbalka Gallery. Attendees could see first-hand why the façade of the Nedbalka Gallery closely resembles the Guggenheim Museum in New York.


To gain insight into the culinary world of the Slovakian capital, attendees headed to the Makery, DIY Restaurant, an upside-down restaurant where they cooked for themselves. Wine goes hand in hand with superb cuisine in Slovakia. Thus, the fam trip continued in the Slovak National Collection of Wines, where they could taste some of the country’s very best. No visit to Bratislava is complete without admiring the cityscape from the UFO Restaurant and observation deck. Attendees could enjoy breathtaking views from one of the most dominant buildings in Bratislava. At Bubbles Restaurant, fam trip participants met with members of the Bratislava Tourist Board and partners to network and forge new partnerships.


Local heritage coupled with venues steeped in history

On the final day, the attendees of the fam trip made their way to the Ceramics factory in Modra before heading to Elesko Winery for a wine tasting. They also visited the centuries-old Simak Castle. Their exploration of the wine region concluded in the Palfy Manour House, where they could see the wine cellars.

Fam trips such as this help foster the prominence of Bratislava in the eyes of international meeting planners. They incite interest in hosting global events in the diverse capital of Slovakia.


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