Brussels offers support fund for mice sector

Brussels offers a support fund for congresses, meetings and b2b events.This call for projects aims to provide financial support to organizers of b2b events (at least 200 participants, 2 days, one night in Brussels) by granting them a subsidy to pay for the venue of their event in 2020 (2,000,000 euros total budget, maximum 50,000 euros per eligible file and 50% of the maximum amount of room rental).

Eligible Expenses

Event space rental in the Brussels Capital Region (deposit or final invoice, due at the end of October 2020).

What are the objectives of the fund?

  1. Encourage and expand the number of b2b events in Brussels when the post-lockdown period allows and events are held within the Brussels Capital Region.
  2. Provide financial support to organizers who select Brussels for their b2b event.
  3. Pre-financing of the Brussels partners and suppliers, in particular the chosen event venues.
  4. Promote the appearance of the Region and short-term proactivity.

Who can submit a project?

All organizers of b2b events, both national and international associations, federations, NGOs, public interest foundations, event agencies and private companies.

Any legal form that has a company number at the time of application submission is eligible for the fund.

The project must meet 7 conditions:

  1. Bring together at least 200 participants for at least 2 consecutive days and one night.
  2. Include at least 1 overnight stay in Brussels for at least 30% of the participants (regardless of whether the event is international or national).
  3. Targeting a b2b audience only (events for the general public are excluded).
  4. The location of the event is in the territory of the Brussels Capital Region.
  5. The contract with the site may not be signed before July 15.
  6. Payment of invoice/advance for event venue rental between July 15 and Oct. 31. 2020.
  7. The project must be submitted within the specified time frame, in the required form (forms, attachments, etc.).


My event will not take place in 2020. May I still submit an application?

Yes. If the event meets the criteria, the date of the particular event does not count.


More info on this project and how to apply can be found at:


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