P1 Travel acquires Equipo soccer travel

Sports travel agency P1 Travel acquires Equipo Football Travel. With this acquisition, P1 Travel strengthens its name in the travel and events industry and, thanks to its broader offer, can better meet the demand of these sports fans.

Founded in 1999, Equipo Football Travel achieved around 3,000 trips annually to soccer clubs large and small around the world. Equipo Football Travel operated in Belgium, England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in addition to the Netherlands.

P1 Travel is a rapidly growing name in the travel and events industry. After years of operating business-to-business, they have been in the consumer market since 2019. It is the official ticket partner of the world’s biggest soccer clubs and sporting events, from the Premier League to the Olympics and from La Liga to Rugby World Cup 2023. This broader offering consisting of more sports allows them to even better meet the demand of Equipo Football Travel’s sports fans. “We are very fortunate that we are still able to take the next steps in our growth during this crazy time,” says Rick van der Maas, CEO P1 Travel, “of course we are also feeling the pinch and our business came to an almost immediate halt last year in March, but because we are financially healthy, this is not hindering us in the growth of the company.”

With a successful sale of Rugby World Cup 2023 last month, those plans were confirmed: there is now a need to follow through to maintain this success. The vouchers issued from Equipo Football Travel are also taken over for P1 Travel and retain their value and validity. “I’m delighted that we can start offering our fans an even better deal through P1 Travel,” says Bart Roelofs of Equipo Football Travel, “P1 Travel is a brand with huge potential and growth opportunities.”



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