Meetingselect launches improved search engine for venue selection

Meetingselect, a global leader in comprehensive meeting and event management solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new venue search engine. Designed with a natural language search interface and user-friendly features, this engine promises to transform the way bookers plan meetings and corporate events.

“Our revamped search engine reflects our commitment to simplifying the complexities of
meeting management,” said Judith Huisman, Founder of Meetingselect. “With this
innovative upgrade, we empower users to streamline their planning process.”
Quote from pilot tester Thera Elkhuizen, Secretary at Siemens: “The description on the
venue card is very nice, the venue detail page looks very rich, and everything is easy to
read and clear.”

Key features

Key features of the new search engine:
• Intuitive design: Effortlessly explore the platform with a smooth and simple
• Smart search algorithms: Get relevant results quickly with fast and intelligent
search capabilities.
• Customizable queries: Tailor your search using themes and sorting options for a
flexible and enjoyable experience.
• Comprehensive information: Access all essential venue details in one place.
• Personalized settings: Adapt the search engine to your preferences.
• Sustainability focus: Easily view eco-friendly certifications for venues.
• Real-time availability: Instantly check venue availability without the hassle of
emails or phone calls.
• Collaboration tools: Share search results with your team and make informed
decisions together.

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