MICE in Hungary: Let’s talk about Szeged!

Let’s talk about Szeged!

Szeged is a wonderful city for MICE in the Csongrád-Csanád county. Szeged is the third most populous municipality in Hungary with around 160.000 people. It is located near the southern border of Hungary, at the confluence of the rivers Tisza and Maros. It became the seat of Csongrád county in 1962.

Why Szeged?

Szeged is the sunniest city in Hungary with more than 2,100 hours of sunshine, that is why the city is known as ‘the city of sunshine’. The well-developed network of public transportation (buses, trolley buses and trams) makes it easy to reach any part of the city. There are also many bicycle paths all around the city; a quite popular way to get around for locals.








Szeged is the cultural and sports centre of the Southern Region. The city offers a wide range of activities for tourists and locals. Its museum, the Ferenc Móra Museum, attracts around 350,000 visitors a year. The galleries, cinemas, clubs, and theatres of the city are all excellent entertainment venues. The Szeged Open Air Festival, which is the biggest one in Hungary and held every summer, is a major cultural event.







Hunger for Knowledge

Szeged is also famous for its university. The University of Szeged is one of the top-ranked universities in the country, attracting more and more Hungarian and foreign students every year. Szeged is also one of the country’s food industry centres. In (and around) Szeged, spicy sweet and hot ‘paprika’ is grown and processed. The salami and meat production at the Pick Salami Factory has gained international fame. Oil and gas production is also carried out in the area (Algyő).







Access to Szeged

International connection to Budapest and then with a transfer direct trains to Szeged. Accessibility by car:  the city can be reached from Budapest via the M5 and M43 motorways. Transfer time by car: 2h


There is plenty of choice in Szeged: 714 rooms (17 hotels) of which 570 hotel rooms in 4* category and 144 hotel rooms in 3* category







Venues and details

Most important conference venues are the IH Events Centre, the József Attila Study and Information Centre, the Csongrád County Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Szent Gellért Fórum.


Plenary room up to 862 people with a VIP meeting room Amenities: audiovisual system, Nexo Alpha sound system, stage (8×10 meters), motorized projector screen (5,5×3,1 meters), ceiling mounted projector, possibility to video and audio recording, mobile projector screen, flipchart, projector, WIFI, air-conditioned rooms, cloakroom, coffee shop, catering service


Plenary room up to 2,307 people 1,170 sqm exhibition space Director’s VIP meeting room Basic technical facilities: ceiling mounted projector, microport, throat microphone, handheld wireless microphone, wired microphone, fix motorized projector screen, ceiling-mounted zoom dome camera for event recording, minidisc recorder, wireless presenter, laptop, mobile projector screen, mini DV videocamera, internet (WIFI) access, mobile speaker, voice control from a studio, PC audio connection possibility, video control from a studio, podium, flipchart, whiteboard Other services: cloakroom, underground garage, 24 hour security service, airconditioned rooms


Plenary room up to 400 people Amenities: air-conditioned rooms, projector, projector screen, laptop audio systems, flipchart, WIFI, podium, stage, interpreter booth


Plenary room up to 9,080 people Amenities: projector, projector screen, pointer, laptop, mobile sound mixing desk, wired and wireless microphones, speaker, microport Catering equipment

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