The Mantis St Helena Hotel reopens this week

The Mantis St Helena Hotel reopens this week. This hotel is the only luxury hotel on the British Overseas Territory of St Helena – one of the world’s most remote islands which is often billed as the best kept secret in the South Atlantic.

Closed to travellers since the start of the pandemic the island has reopened, COVID-19 entry restrictions dropped and flights between Johannesburg and Jamestown, St Helena have increased.

Paul Gardiner, CEO of the Mantis Collection said: “We are thrilled that international travellers will once again have the opportunity to explore the many wonders of this remote outpost. This truly is a bucket list destination – St Helena may be a small island, but its dynamic natural wonders, centuries-old military fortifications, and historic buildings make it the perfect place for active exploration. We are delighted to reopen our hotel and are looking forward to welcoming guests in the coming months.”

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Tijn Kramer