What are the benefits of an incentive abroad?

One minute you’re grabbing a cup of coffee from the coffee machine at the office and opening the overflowing mailbox, the next you’re enjoying a cup of warm berry juice in an amazing snowy landscape. A different environment, with the same people: your colleagues.

An incentive trip with Nordic exchanges the working atmosphere for experiences with colleagues and that offers many advantages. For example, an incentive can stimulate collaboration, motivate employees to achieve goals or simply serve as a reward. A pat on the back that translates into a travel experience. Well done! In addition, the participants can rely on the fact that an incentive trip with Nordic is fully prepared and thought through to the last detail. This allows them to be fully immersed in the moment and relax. The combined travel experience and the accompanying emotions also forge a bond between the employees. They then take that group feeling back to the office, which will make working together in the workplace so much easier.

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Rahanna van Stapele